Actors Who Turned Out To Be Just Like The Characters They Played


We'd all love to be an A-list actor but it's not as easy as it sounds. Bringing a character to life and making it convincing is hard work and truly shows off an actors' craft. Often times, movie and television characters are nothing like the actor that portrays them, which makes it so much more impressive.

On the flip side, making a character convincing is easy when you're exactly like them. Why do you think Michael Cera has been so successful as a quirky, awkward romantic? Because that's who he is in real life. Read on to see which actors are just like the characters they played, and which ones truly had to show off their skills.

Charlie Sheen Was Just Playing Himself On Two And A Half Men

The WB Television Network/MovieStillsDB

It's hard to think of any character better suited for Charlie Sheen. In Two And A Half Men, his character Charlie Harper was described as a "man-child who lacked touch with reality." Harper was a playboy millionaire who loved to party and hated taking responsibility.

That sounds an awful lot like Sheen's "bad boy" persona that's followed him since the 1980s. Sheen has been arrested, sent to rehab, has multiple ex-wives and children, and famously ranted about tiger blood and cocaine.