Party On Dudes! Bodacious Facts About Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure


In 1989, the world was introduced to Bill and Ted, two high school underachievers who were destined to flunk history class without some form of divine intervention. Luckily, a time machine was sent to them from the future so they could travel back in time to assemble a team of historical figures for their class presentation. Initially, the film wasn't well-received by critics but loved by audiences. It grew to become a fan favorite, resulting in a sequel, television shows, comic books, and more. Now, hop into the telephone booth and take a trip back in time to learn some bodacious facts about Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure.

Learn which comedian auditioned for the role of Ted.

The Bill And Ted Characters Were Created In An Improv Class

Ed Solomon/Twitter

The Bill and Ted characters were conceived by writers Ed Solomon and Chris Matheson in 1983. The duo attended UCLA and started an improv workshop with other classmates, the perfect setting to test out their new characters. In a 1991 interview, Solomon said, "One day, we decided to do a couple of guys who knew nothing about history, talking about history."

For their bit, Bill and Ted pretended to act like they were studying history when Ted's father came in to tell them to turn down their music. At the time, Soloman played Ted and Matheson was Bill.