Every Pokémon We Know Will Be In Detective Pikachu


There are more than 800 Pok00e9mon over eight generations, but the most iconic one is still Pikachu. The perfectly adorable yellow rodent is so popular that it's now the star of an upcoming feature film, Pok00e9mon: Detective Pikachu.

With so many characters in the Pok00e9dex, Pok00e9mon fans are anxiously waiting to see how many of them will be a part of the film. Here is every Pok00e9mon confirmed to make some sort of appearance in the movie, and yes, they're all as terrifying and realistic as you're imagining.

The live-action Mr. Mime will blow your mind.

Psyduck Is Looking Surprisingly Calm, Cool, And Collected

Warner Bros. Pictures/YouTube

Psyduck is a Water-type Pok00e9mon with unique psychic abilities. It is usually freaking out because its psychic powers leave it with a constant, painful headache. When the headache is too great, it will lash out at everyone in the area.

The Psyduck we see in Detective Pikachu looks calm, cool, and collected in comparison. It is even stable enough to help out as a personal assistant to reporter Lucy Stevens. Hopefully, its headache has gone away.